My name is Ryan d'Huart. This is a place where I keep some thoughts and ideas.



"Indeed, every living creature, from one point of view, is an electromagnetic system, and ultimately every activity is governed to some degree by electromagnetic laws. For example, our bodies are made up of molecules containing roughly the same number of positive and negative electrical charges; we have nerve impulses in the form of bio-electric waves which travel at thirty-five meters per second; our brain and its varied activity levels generate electromagnetic fields which extend outside the head; electricity is used by the brain to store and compute information; our nervous system is a compact, efficient, self-repairing bio-electromagnetic structure... What I am trying to establish with all these bits of information is a model of man as 'Homo Electromagneticus.' That is, the body conceived of as a receptor, an independent transmitter and transducer, and a broadcaster of electromagnetic fields and impulses."
- Robert Lawlor, 1979