Sound design with the Waldorf Microwave XT

Monophonic Sounds

The Microwave XT is a great synthesizer, but it is unfortunately plagued with an annoying bug when set to play monophonically. This bug causes audible clicks and pops at the start and stop of played notes. This bug doesn't appear in dual or unisono voice assign modes, but it's very annoying when trying to create simple single- or dual-oscillator monophonic patches.

The way around this is to configure the Trigger 2 menu settings like this:
Mode: Mono
Assign: dual
Detune: 000
De-Pan: 127
Then plug your audio cable into the "Left / Stereo" output jack only.

Setting the voice assignment to "dual" tells the Microwave XT to play both Voice 1 and Voice 2 when the synthesizer receives a note on message. With detune at zero and De-Pan at 127, both voices will play at the same pitch and should be at opposite sides of the stereo field. The panning in the Microwave XT isn't perfect, so if your audio cable is plugged into "Right / Mono," you will hear both Voice 1 and Voice 2. By plugging into the other main output only, you will hear just one voice.