Ryan d'Huart - Subthreshold
An album of uptempo electronic music, straddling electro and IDM. These are fairly personal compositions, mostly about the feeling that everything is not quite right despite the world saying otherwise.

VIR - Microplex Vol. 1
This is my latest release, under the name "VIR." It's a study on the compositional style of techno in detroit from the 1980s through the 1990s. I don't think I will continue using the VIR alias, but I do plan to create a series of compositional studies and release them as additional "Microplex" volumes.

Ryan d'Huart - Dissociate
For these songs, I tried to express some of the frustrations I feel with the way interpersonal relationships have generally changed in the course of my life.

I put live mixes of my electronic music here, as well as weird experiments that I would never consider formally releasing.

His Master's Voice
This was my spaghetti-western / surf rock band, based in San Francisco. It's mostly the sounds of baritone guitars, synthesizers, and big drums.

Ted Thousand Meets VLSI - S/T
This is a dub techno release created by myself and a good friend of mine. Vocal samples and dub thrills abound.

VLSI - Looking Back
VLSI was the name I chose early in my days as a budding solo musician. The music is fairly generic "synthwave" material with a touch of Goblin. Everyone starts somewhere, eh?