VIR - Microplex Vol. 1
This is my latest release, under the name "VIR." It's a study on the compositional style of techno in detroit from the 1980s through the 1990s. I don't think I will continue using the VIR alias, but I do plan to create a series of compositional studies and release them as additional "Microplex" volumes.

Ryan d'Huart - Dissociate
For these songs, I tried to express some of the frustrations I feel with the way interpersonal relationships have generally changed in the course of my life.

I put live mixes of my electronic music here, as well as weird experiments that I would never consider formally releasing.

His Master's Voice
This was my spaghetti-western / surf rock band, based in San Francisco. It's mostly the sounds of baritone guitars, synthesizers, and big drums.

Ted Thousand Meets VLSI - S/T
This is a dub techno release created by myself and a good friend of mine. Vocal samples and dub thrills abound.

VLSI - Looking Back
VLSI was the name I chose early in my days as a budding solo musician. The music is fairly generic "synthwave" material with a touch of Goblin. Everyone starts somewhere, eh?