JV-2080 encoder replacement
What to do when your old Roland rompler starts to show its age.

Amplitude-Controlled Ringtone
A friend of mine wished that his ZVEX Ringtone could be controlled by the intensity of his playing.

Recreating the Fender Harmonic Tremolo
The "Harmonic" Tremolo effect available on some early Fender guitar amplifiers sounded great. I took it upon myself to recreate this effect for modern guitar players.

A Simple On / Off Level Control for the Electric Guitar
Just because the circuit is simple, doesn't mean that one can't have a little fun.

Cloning and Modifying a Fuzzrite Guitar Pedal
The Fuzzrite was a fuzz pedal made by Mosrite in the 60's. While fuzz pedals were popular in the psychedelic music of the time, they also found their way into spaghetti western film scores.

Replacing the EPROMs in an Ensoniq VFX-Series Synthesizer
Replacing EPROMs in old synthesizers is easy, just be careful!

Replacing the Sliders in an Ensoniq VFX-Series Synthesizer
It turns out that the sliders are a fairly common part.


Yocto 808 Firmware
This is unofficial firmware for E-Licktronic's Yocto , a Roland TR-808 clone. The firmware for the project was released publicly after official updates stopped, so I thought fit to host the firmware on a platform where anyone can have access. I, along with others, have fixed a couple outstanding bugs with the code thus far. To be clear, I am not the author of the original firmware and am in no way affiliated with E-Licktronic.